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2022年四川统招专升本考试 《大学英语》

Part I. Vocabulary and Structure(本题共30题,每题0.5分,共15分)

Direction: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You must choose the one that best complete the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

1. It is reported that ____ president will have dinner with _____ President O’Connor tomorrow.

  A. the; the    B. a; a   C. the; /    D. /; /

2. Considering the changeable weather, when to hold the sports meeting is still ____ discussion.

A. in    B. on   C. under    D. during

3. It’s only a _____ from my school to the bookstore.

A. ten minutes walk     B. ten minutes’ walk

B. ten-minutes walk     D. ten-minutes’ walk

4. Put on your coat, _____ you’ll catch cold.

A. And    B. neither   C. or    D. so

5. No sooner had he sat down _____ somebody knocked on the door.

A. when    B. than   C. that    D. where

6. Although hard, Jack is trying to give up the _____of smoking.

A. custom   B. tradition  C. habit    D. manner

7.  The manager together with some workers______ visiting the new company now.

A. is              B. are   C. have been   D. has been

8.  Several pretty girls are chatting next door, but ____ is known to me.

A. neither    B. none   C. no one    D. all

9.  The WHO couldn’t _____ to cure the disease within a few years.

A. guarantee   B. ensure   C. assume   D. confirm

10. Without a (an) _____ medical certificate, a tourist is not allowed to visit the city.

A. valid     B. effective  C. valuable   D. efficient

11.  It is said that the writer _____ his new book by the end of this year.

A. will finish       B. will be finished  

C. will have finished     D. will have been finished

12.  Some mountain areas, _____ the terrible road conditions, are hard to arrive.

A. but for        B. in spite of  

C. with regard to      D. due to

13.  — Will you keep in touch with me after graduation?

— ______!

A. Absolutely   B. Extremely  C. Actually   D. Eventually

14. — I forget to bring my cell phone. Could I use yours?

— Yes, you _____.

A. can    B. could   D. should    D. might

15. He promised his wife that he would get the money back _____.

A. somehow   B. somewhat  C. some time   D. sometimes

16. Poor _____ she was, she never accepted anything for nothing.

A. although   B. though   C. so     D. yet

17. Special allowances were _____ to the employees who had worked overtime.

A. distributed   B. delivered  C. demonstrated  D. discounted

18. If you had done your homework yesterday, you _____ how to answer the question now.

A. know    B. knew   C. will know   D. would know

19. A lot of materials you could use in class discussion are freely_____ on the Internet.

A. average   B. adequate  C. available   D. abstract

20. — The dish is _____ delicious.

— Yes, but don’t eat _____.

A. too much; too much     B. much too; much too

C. too much; much too     D. much too; too much

21. He _____ from the screen of the laptop when I entered his room.

A. look up B. look on C. look into D. look for

22. Margret, you should practice as much as you can _____ the oral English competition.

A. wins B. to win C. winning D. won

23. _____ is known to us is that Professor Jackson has been popular with the students. 

A. What B. That C. It D. As

24. The other data worth ______ is the result of this survey of the customers.

A. noticed B. noticing C. being noticed D. notice

25. The group _____ of three girls and six boys completed the task successfully.

A. engaging B. involving C. consisting D. composing

26. _____ a little more careful, he might have avoided the mistake.

A. If he was B. If he has been

C. Had he been D. Should he be

27. They must have met their guests last night, _____?

A. haven’t they B. didn’t they

C. mustn’t they D. couldn’t they

28. Is this place of interest ____ they visited a couple of weeks ago?

A. which B. that C. on which D. the one

29. You need to know it is important to _____ the topic while you are giving a speech.

A. keep off B. keep on C. keep up D. keep to

30. The local Red Cross launched an ____the public to give blood to the victims of the disasters.

A. appeal to B. approach to C. approval of D. appreciation for

Part II. Reading Comprehension(本大题共20小题,每小题2分,共40分)

Direction: There are four passages in this part. Each passage is followed by five questions or unfinished statements. For each question, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the best answer. Then write the corresponding letter on the answer sheet.

Passage one

Dear Mr. Brown, 

I know how disappointed you must be with my arriving late at our company’s annual dinner last night. It is really unfortunate that it has happened and I offer you my most humble apologies. Please understand that the last thing I wanted to do was to be late and offend you and the guests from the Head Office. My explanation is a simple one. I had left the key at home when I went to work in the morning. As you know, I live with my mother. To the best of my knowledge, she has no plans to go out in the afternoon. But when her friends called her to play bridge, she went completely forgetting that I had no key.

Hence I was standing outside the apartment in despair and called her to come home quickly. But because of the traffic jam, she arrived home at about 7:30 pm, when I should be at the dinner. You will understand that no matter how fast I was in dressing up, I was sure to be late.

Mr. Brown, please be assured that such a thing will never happen to me again.

  Yours sincerely, 


31. The author was late for the company’s _____.

A. annual dinner B. New Year party 

C. annual meeting D. fancy dress party 

32. How did the author feel about being late?

A. Humble. B. Regretful.

C. Unfortunate. D. Disappointed. 

33. Which of the following is true?

A. The author lost the key.

B. The author’s mother forgot her key.

C. The author was held up in a traffic jam.

D. The author was locked outside the apartment.

34. When was the author supposed to arrive?

A. At 18:30. B. At 19:00.

C. At 19:30. D. At 20:00.

35. This is a letter of ____.

A. praise B. apology

C. complaint D. appreciation

Passage two

A tired postman from Turkey and a beautiful white swan have been inseparable for nearly four decades, and the story of their amazing friendship has melted the hearts of millions. When he spotted a wounded swan in a field, Recep had no idea that he was about to meet his best friend. He was in a car with a group of friends, when he noticed that the swan appeared to have a broken wing. He realized that leaving the bird there was the same as signing its death sentence, as it might be eaten by a predator(食肉动物). So he took the bird home and started nursing it back to health.

After recovery, the swan didn’t try to fly away. Instead, she befriended other animals on the farm, busy following her human friend around, either during his daily chores, or on his evening walks. Having no children, Recep regarded the swan as his child and named her Garip. Now she has been with him for the last 37 years.

“She comes when I call. She has never left me, not even during the river floods,” the retired postman said. “She used to be more vigorous, but she has grown old now. If she dies, I will make her a nice grave here.”

36. Where did the man happen to see the swan?

A. On the road. B. Over his farm.

C. In a field. D. Under a car

37. What was wrong with the swan?

A. It was lost. B. One leg was hurt.

C. It was sick. D. One wing was broken.

38. What can we learn from the text?

A.The swan is treasured by Recep. B. Recep is working in the post office. 

C. The swan flew away after recovery. D. Recep met his best friend in the 1990s.

39. What does the underlined word “vigorous” in the last paragraph mean?

A. Powerful. B. Energetic.

C. Friendly. D. Beautiful. 

40. Which can be the best title for the text?

A. Man and Animals B. A Retired Postman 

C. A Swan Named Garip D. Friendship with a Swan 

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